Type of home paint is water-based

Painting houses sudbury
This type of paint is water-based, it dries quickly, does not have a strong smell, it is a paint for
interior walls and ceilings.
This type of paint differs from PVA paint because it contains, in its composition, resins that
make the paint waterproof. This makes cleaning easier as it can be wet and used outdoors.
It also has better coverage compared to PVA paint, which means it requires fewer coats.
This type of paint is water-based, with a slightly stronger smell than PVA paint, quick drying
and suitable for walls and ceilings, whether indoors or outdoors.
You can find acrylic paint in three different finishes:
1 – matte finish, without shine, leaves the wall with a velvety appearance and hides
2 – satin finish, with a weak shine;
3 – semi-gloss finish, it is the acrylic paint that reflects the light more, therefore it highlights
On the market, there are also acrylic paints considered more than waterproof, as they repel
liquids. They are widely used in children’s rooms as they resist heavy washing to remove
marker marks. This type of paint is called washable or super washable acrylic paint.