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Welcome to ADO Clan
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@  {ADO}Majiin_ : (29 maio 2019 - 02:10 ) Welcome!

The Clan [ADO] is a group of friends/players of Age of Mythology from all corners of Brazil.
Members of [ADO] are in constant contact through games on voobly/gr, whatsapp and here in the forums.
So if you want to contribute to the maintenance of the site (uploads/tips ...) you should:

- register on the site / wait for its approval / and be happy.

If you want to play with us join Discord [ADO]: and download ( needed to play.

Equipe de Moderação

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ADO_Iam_Brutos Administrators Todos Fóruns Fev 15 2019 08:26
ADO_J4DINHO LOVE Administrators Todos Fóruns Mai 29 2019 09:50
ADO_Ov3lh4 Administrators Todos Fóruns Fev 19 2019 09:15
OFF_SoniC Administrators Todos Fóruns Out 22 2018 01:51
TheJoker Administrators Todos Fóruns Jan 06 2019 08:24
{ADO}Majiin_ Administrators Todos Fóruns Ago 06 2019 01:52