Epoxy paints are already available in a water-based version, which dry faster, have a low odor and are easier to apply.

Lincoln painting house
Spray paints are also a practical option, fast drying, easy to apply and providing
a great finish. In both cases, surface preparation is critical to the painting’s
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Contact us and learn more about our service. With the increase in cases of
coronaviruses in Brazil, many people have stayed at home to protect themselves
and avoid the spread of the contamination. There are also those who decided to
take the time to change the look of the house and renew the painting of the
environments. But how to choose the right ink?
Before buying, it is important to know exactly where the application will be
made. That’s because home paint should not only be chosen for aesthetics and
decoration, but also for protection. On the market, there are options of different
types and prices, divided into premium, standard and economic categories. Each
type of home paint has its characteristics, so you need to be careful when buying to
make sure it’s the type you’re looking for.